Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to meet other Business People via Sports

Yes, you can meet other successful people by hanging out and playing golf. Golf is the standard when people think of business deals and sports.

However not everyone likes golf.

And some people from various fields prefer other activities.

So if you decide to take up a sport or activity with the hopes of meeting new people and handing them your business card here is some helpful suggestions.

#1. Get lessons. ie. If you take up archery (lots of IT people do archery) then you should get some archery lessons so you don't look helplessly inept since archery is a lot harder than it looks.

#2. Do not try to hand people your business card at the gym or yoga studio. Its actually kind of creepy and makes you look desperate. Choose a sport that has a more casual and talkative setting.

eg. Billiards and darts are good sports to talk during.

#3. Avoid team sports where you can only talk AFTER the game is over.

eg. Volleyball and gun marksmanship are too busy and noisy to talk during.

#4. You want a sport which allows you to carry your wallet in your pocket the entire time, that way you can pull it out and hand out your business cards easily.

eg. Swimming doesn't work because you can't carry business cards in your bikini or swimshorts.

#5. Always remember to have a good firm handshake (but not try to squeeze their hand like a jerk). A limp handshake makes you seem weak and ineffectual. Make a good impression.

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