Monday, October 20, 2014

6 Tips for Building a Great Resume

So you want to find the job of your dreams, a place where you can work, make money and love what you do.

Imagine trying to get your Dream Job with a resume that isn't designed very well, has lots of types/spelling/grammar mistakes, and doesn't show off your best qualities as a potential employee.

Tip #1. Always spellcheck everything on your resume. Double check it for accuracy.

Tip #2. If your Word Processor has Grammar Check, turn it on and start using it more often.

Tip #3. Ask a friend or colleague to edit your resume for you. They might have suggestions for ways to fix it that you would overlook.

Tip #4. Hire a professional resume writing company to edit your resume for you. There are companies out there who deal in essay writing services, research work, resumes, etc. If you can afford to hire a professional to help write your resume why not do so in order to ensure you get the best results?

Tip #5. So employers can snoop on you more easily include a link on your resume to your Facebook profile, your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter account, etc - and clean up your web presence so there is nothing on there that would discourage employers from hiring you. eg. Photos of you drunk, shirtless and passed out on the lawn should be deleted immediately. Employers these days always snoop on candidates Facebook pages these days so you might as well clean up your act and make yourself look presentable.

Tip #6. Avoid using ridiculous fonts on your resume. You want to look professional, not like an outlandish fop.

EXTRA TIP - Years ago there was a story in the newspapers about a man who used Google Adwords to make several ads for the top CEOs of companies he wanted to work for. He created ads for the names of the CEOs so that when they Googled their own names (as people sometimes do for fun) they would see the ad for themselves above the results, and if they clicked on it the ad took the CEO to a website designed specifically for the CEO in an attempt to woo the CEO into hiring the individual. They saw an intro paragraph explaining the webpage, why the man wanted to work for the CEO's company, the man's resume, etc. And it worked. Within a few months he was hired by one of the companies because the CEO saw the ad, felt it was ingenious and decided to hire the employee.

So the tip here is to think outside the box when it comes to landing your dream job.

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